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Roberta Harris Coaching offers Life Coaching services, Strengths Workshops for kids/adults and Groove Dance Classes 

Kids Coaching and Strengths Workshops

  • Do you see the potential in your child but aren’t sure how to help them access and develop it?
  • Do you want your child to change their behaviour but you don’t know how to inspire them to do so?
  • Does your child seem unhappy but doesn’t want to talk to you about it?
  • Do you want your child to have awareness of their own strengths for problem solving in life?

If you are asking these questions about your child, hiring a life coach can help!

Kids Coaching is a unique Life Coaching approach specializing in children's issues. Life Coaching is a method of guided self reflection that enables people to find their greatest potential and has quickly been embraced throughout the world. This is because the results are so empowering and positive for adults. With coaching being so powerful for adults, imagine what it can do for kids!

Adult Coaching

Life Coaching for adults is becoming the method of choice for navigating the myriad challenges of life from major transitions to personal and work issues. Roberta Harris Life Coaching specializes in coaching to discover, know and develop inner and outer strengths.

Groove Dance Facilitating

Roberta is a certified Groove Dance Instructor. Groove is a simple dance technique to help kids and adults move freely and have fun while exercising. See services page for more information.

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