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Roberta Harris Life Coaching is taking all necessary precautions with regards to Covid 19 to protect all participants of our workshops.

This includes the following new protocols:

*Each participant will be asked to agree to our new Code of Conduct on the day of the workshop, which includes physical distancing, respiratory etiquette, handwashing and respectful interactions with others. If the participant does not agree the will be asked to leave the program.

*If a participant falls ill while at program, they will be isolated from the rest of their group. Caregivers will be contacted to pick up the participant immediately and the participant will not be able to return until they have received a negative test result and/or clearance from a medical professional.

*Limiting group numbers to no more than 12 participants

*Encouraging physical distancing between participants themselves and staff whenever possible.

*Holding DYS workshops outdoors where possible

*Asking participants and staff to wear face masks when physical distancing cannot be maintained.

Families will be asked to send participants to program with a clean mask.

*Families will be asked to participate in screenings on workshop day A parent or caregiver (18+ with knowledge of the participant's health) must be present at drop-off to complete a health screening for each participant. Families may need to leave up to 15 minutes to sign in each participant.

*Increasing the frequency of routine cleaning and disinfection of high touch surfaces & equipment. Enhancing hygiene and sanitation practices for participants requiring frequent handwashing / sanitizing. Hand sanitizer (≥ 70% alcohol) will be used when soap and water is not available. Enforcing strict no-sharing policies for food and personal items

Please Note:

*Physical distancing may not be possible in situations such as providing first aid, managing participant behaviour and emotions, during safety and emergency situations.​

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