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About Roberta

As the previous CEO / owner of a medical company for 20+ years, I have worked extensively with kids and adults in the burn and trauma fields. I have also led youth clubs, been a camp counsellor, child caregiver, big sister and an outdoor education teacher. I've completed the award-winning Kids Coaching Connection program earning a Life Coach Youth Specialty Certificate. I'm Youth Life Coaching facilitator with Power4teens girls empowerment program and facilitate programming with The p.i.n.e. project outdoor education program, both in Toronto. From a business perspective, I've worked extensively in every aspect of running a business. From start up to management and administration, clinical work, team building, conflict resolution, grant development, production streamlining and customer service. You name it, I've been there! Who better to coach and consult than someone who has experienced all aspects of running a business and who has worked with kids and adults in so many different capacities.

In 2014, I sold the business to pursue my passions.

Helping others discover their inner and outer natural character strengths is something I'm passionate about. I really love people and experience great fulfillment in guiding children and adults to discover their best selves! I'm also passionate about our natural world and marrying nature awareness and coaching through my work, brings me great joy!

My Interests:

I am a fun loving, active person who loves swimming, singing, kayaking, nature, gardening, dancing, writing poetry, crafts, music, healthy cuisine and spiritual self development.

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