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Roberta Harris has a zest for life and a generosity of spirit that brings out the best in others. She provided life-coaching for my 8 year-old daughter who was struggling with the bullying behaviour of a neighbour and classmate in the context of the pandemic. My daughter enjoyed those meetings, especially the playful use of a set of strengths cards. Roberta's life-coaching was a central pillar amongst the strategies my family used to help our daughter navigate that difficult time. I wholeheartedly recommend Roberta's life-coaching, especially to help girls see their inner strengths, to love themselves and one another as they are, and to encourage them to live fully! My daughter also attended one of Roberta's strengths workshops, which she found fun, and was able to explore her inner and outer strengths in a safe group with other kids.

Joanne, Sept. 2022

Roberta's mentorship and coaching has had a rippling effect on the ways in which I continue to understand my inner landscapes and experiences. Her capacity to truly connect and deeply listen to others was profoundly felt during our sessions. I felt understood and gently provoked to do the hard work of processing through her necessary and beautifully respectful questioning. Roberta's value of embracing conflict as opportunities for growth taught me to see the challenges I was facing with openness and acceptance. I am forever grateful for her encouragement and support.

Elizabeth A. Client, Elementary School Teacher, August 2020

When you’re quiet, you can hear important things. I liked the hand art activity. The class was fun!

Vivi, Age 6   Mar. 2019

The reason I feel better is this course is very uplifting and interesting. I learned that you can use these strengths for the greater good and to bring up your spirit when you’re down. It was very nice in every way.

Lukas, Age 10   Mar. 2019

Roberta has facilitated her Discovering Your Strengths and Learning Strengths from Nature workshop at our outdoor camp facility a number of times.

We have found them amazing, fun, and enlightening! They've helped our kids feel that they do have qualities and talents that make them special and they leave the workshop more empowered, confident and secure in their own skin.

It also helped our kids learn about nature as teacher.

Grayson Burke, Feb. 2019

Director, Cedar Ridge Camp

My experience being coached by Roberta helped me to move forward with an issue that had kept me in a holding pattern. She was attentive, compassionate while maintaining a posture of non-judgement. Roberta asked the kinds of questions that allowed me to realize solutions to my issue of concern. Continuing with what was already working and revising what was not made the difference.

L. Mills, Teacher, Life Coach, Toronto  Jan. 2019

I was present during your wonderful workshop and thought it was a great workshop!

I felt as though the way you interacted with the participants was very engaging and responsive to not only the developmental ages of the children in the group but also the energy that they were giving.

The strength based activity with the affirmation cards was a great way to not only educate the group but create awareness within themselves which they seemed to really enjoy and having the physical cards with both images and words seemed to help them connect.

I was worried when the singing was initiated as I could see the group exhibiting some awkwardness and unsure/self-consciousness, but your presence, enthusiasm and the quick rapport you built with the group seemed to make them feel very safe, comfortable and open and it worked great!

I felt the length of time for activities seemed appropriate and didn’t allow for loss of interest.

Helen Barks,

Child Life Specialist,

Sick Kids Hospital  Nov. 2018

It was an amazing session. I've been able to remember some of my inner strengths, which made me happier. 

Olga, teen  July 2018

This workshop made me look deeper into myself and ways I can change myself.

Valerie, Age 10 July 2018

I like the strengths workshop the way it is. I feel better about nature and better from the activities we did.

I liked the silhouette art.

I learned that nature heals

Nadia, age 12 July 2018

Thank you, Roberta the time you’ve spent coaching my son. The sessions and advice you provided have helped him gain life skills, self-confidence, self-esteem and independence. We are so happy to have you as our son’s KidCoach who makes him think and learn during every step of the way, to organize, achieve and accomplish his goals. We have seen a change in his academic and social skills too, which will help him in the future with his career. Thank you again and keep up the good work!

Minnie Chow  June 2018

I have known Roberta for many years. We ran a community youth club together for 10+ years. Roberta has an excellent rappor with children of all ages. She is trustworthy and reliable. She is very creative and has many good ideas. In my opinion, Roberta has a natural sensitivity to the needs of children and is an excellent mentor for them.

Louis Ouellette, Ontario Certified Teacher  April 2018

I feel much better after this strengths program. What I like is how I'm free to say what I feel. I don't think the program needs improving. It was perfect!

Alexi, Age 10  April 2018

Praise for Roberta Harris!

We are grateful for the opportunity to work with and learn from Roberta Harris. Roberta has a genuine passion for empowering children and helping them to understand the true strengths that they have to contribute to this world. The Strengths Workshop she brought to our school made an instant and visible difference in our students and how they felt about themselves. I could see it in their smiles and in how they carried themselves, with their heads a little higher.

Roberta worked with all of our students, from Grades 1 to 8, and tailored her program to each age group so that it was meaningful and accessible to everyone. Incorporating art, movement, videos and discussion, the workshop is engaging and gets everyone involved. Roberta's kindness made every student at ease. One of her own inherent gifts is the ability to connect with others and to make them see what makes them special. Our students truly enjoyed their time with Roberta.

There are so many pressures on young people today, and so often we hear the negative dialogue and self-talk kids have about themselves. Self-confidence is so low, and many children are challenged to find anything positive about themselves. Roberta is providing a service that is so desperately needed, and delivers it in a way effectively reaches those who need it most. The benefits of this programming and the impact that it might have on any one child cannot be underestimated.

I recommend Roberta's workshop to any school, teacher or youth group that may be looking to complement SEL programming or to support youth by building confidence in themselves. Roberta will help everyone, adults included to find their character strengths and to appreciate what they contribute and the difference they make in our world

Amanda Dervaitis

Founder and Principal

High Park Day School Oct. 2017

I participated in Roberta's "Discovering Your Strengths" workshop with two of my children. There were other children there as well and regardless of the age differences, Roberta got us all feeling relaxed and excited about the topic with colourful props like "finding your strength cards". Roberta engaged us all with fun interactive games and activities utilizing different coaching methods that guided us to think outside the box. She had great tools to enable us to feel what draws us closer to our truth. I was so happy to hear my children open up about their thoughts and ideas about how they view themselves. Roberta handled the group wonderfully and was able to manage a few tantrums like a pro. I would definitely recommend this workshop to others, children and adults, and I truly liked the bonding I felt with my kids during the workshop.

All my best, Riikka W. May 2017

I feel much more calm than before. I liked sitting with the quotes in the woods. I think the Strength workshop is great the way it is.

Alexandra, age 11  Feb. 2017


I dealt with Roberta Harris and her business for more than 15 years. She is an outstanding individual who has run a very ethical and morally responsible company. Her care for our patients has been outstanding and she really is a person who goes the extra mile. She has always come through in terms of her dealings with our patients. I have worked with her both in the acute care setting as wells in the rehabilitation setting and have found her to be completely honest and straightforward in all her dealings. She is highly professional and knowledgeable in her area of expertise.

Dr. Joel Fish, Medical Director, Burn Centre, Sick Kids Hospital

Our 3 ½ yr old son fell backwards into a fire pit while at a family dinner and was badly burned. We first met Roberta and staff about 3 months after the accident. Recovering from a burn is overwhelming, stressful and painful; the burn consumes your life and the life of your family. Now imagine being 3 yrs old. Roberta and her team made this period in our lives less stressful. They were always smiling, calm and relaxing. Perhaps what I appreciated most from the RCG was that they listened to Evan and made adjustments according to his feelings and needs. Evan quickly began to look forward to his appointments. I always felt it takes a village to raise a child and I’m so thankful that Roberta and team were a part of our village during a very difficult time. They gave Evan a voice and his childhood back.

It takes a very special group of people to be able to work with burn victims day in out and always be patient and kind and I am very thankful that they came into our lives.

Julie H. and Evan

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